Larry Mabbitt has given of himself to music students for over 40 years, as the pictures  on this page would indicate.  The guest book on this page is for Mr. Mabbitt, so you may share your thoughts, feelings, and stories with the rest of us, and especially, Mr. Mabbitt.
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This all reminds me of some advice my high school Director (Larry Mabbitt/MdN) gave us during band camp: If you are the only one in the right spot, you are the only one in the wrong spot.

Marching Band is probably the only example of when it is appropriate to submit to "peer pressure," or else risk getting an alto where the sun-don't-shine.
"There are those who are born into greatness and those who have greatness thrust upon them. I am anticipating the thrust."

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That doesn't sound like the "Red & Blue" I wrote!
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