In Loving Memory

They March On In Our Hearts
Sharon Anderson -1969

Danny Byrd - 1970

Betty Chenowith - 1973

Greg Cresswell - 1978

Ron Esra - 1968

Leanne Harstad - 1970

Richard Houston - 1971

Georgeanne Kosobud-1974

Neil LaBarge - 1973

Barbara Lange - 1971

Jon Mauney - 1973

Micki Miller - 1972

Kathy Moreland - 1973

Linda Parent - 1973

Keenan Edward Patrick - 1984

Mark Ruiz -1980

Dan Saunders - 1972

Ken Searcy - 1972

Don Teason - 1971

Bill Wesler - 1972

David Wolf - 1971

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8 steps to 5 yards

I am rendered dumb
By the enormity of this loss
And the fierce desire to describe
What it was like back then
Matching 8 steps to 5 yards

Childhood friends
Who marched
Side by side with us
Laughed with us
Tromped through puddles
With baggies on their feet

Pals who strode to a cadence
That never failed to lift our spirits
A cadence each and all of us
Heard and marched to in our sleep
Counting steps between classes
Memorizing music in our heads
Instead of listening to algebra

What can possibly be said
To honor
The family we have lost

These friends who sweated with us
Played with us
Practiced with us
Travelled with us
Yelled with us
Performed with us
Cleaned cymbals with us

Even as we tolerated one another’s mistakes
Imperfect to the last member
Each and all striving endlessly for perfection

We were there with them
Only we can know
No one else

When they left
They took a part of each of us with them
And left a part of each of them behind
None of us ever really leaves, do we?
The family that matches 8 steps to 5 yards.
                                                                            by Lynne Seipp Siegel