Georgeann (Kosabud) Shaw

As you know, I live in Chicago. Married Barry (Coronado '74) Shaw in '80, and moved east to Chicago in  '86. We met at ASU (he was a jazz performance major: bass trombone, then acoustic bass). Moved to start/further our musical pursuits. We each had our "15 minutes of Fame", (I played with the Civic Orchestra, and played extra once with the Chicago Symphony; Barry giged around town, and was on a cable tv jazz show for 4 seasons) but are presently out of the music business. Have 2 children: Katie - 11, and Alex - 7. We own a business (The Security Shop), locksmithing, safe work, etc. - have 12 employees, mainly providing service for the high-rise buildings in Chicago. So, the business and the kids keep us very busy. (Barry learned the trade from his dad in AZ, while being a musician - you know how life in the arts goes...). So, we're doing fine. Please say hello to all for me. The only 2 I have been in touch with are Ron, and Mark Hornbaker (french horn '74, also sang in A Cappella Choir). I didn't see him on the MIA list, so I assume that you know where he is.

Charger Band Stories.....Where have we been, how did we get there, and what are we doing now?
Jim Klein   Class of '71

I was married right out of high school ('71) and that lasted four kids and seven years.  I kicked around for a few years, then found corrections with the State of Arizona in 1984.  I rose through the ranks from corrections officer to deputy warden over the twenty years I worked for the state.  Along the way, I spent 11 years as a tactical team leader, and seven years as a negotiator for the crisis team.  It was the after action handling of the Lewis incident that inspired me to retire from the state in 2005. (Yes, I did negotiate that incident, starting with the first morning.)  I worked for a private prison for a year, and retired again to start my own consulting firm.  I have two more children with my wife of 25 years, Regina, three grandchildren, and another due June 24.  My 17 year old daughter will be a senior at Mesa High next year, and my 11 year old son is going into sixth grade.  He plays the baritone, and is actually quite good, considering he inherited his father's allergy to practicing.  Both are very athletic.  she plays soccer year around, he plays soccer and golf.

My wife and I are giving the new business six months to take off.  If it works out, great!  If not, after the reunion, I may have to get a real job again.  We are not rich, and don't plan to be, but we can afford to do this, and the kids seem to appreciate the time I can spend at home, after so many years of long hours, midnight phone calls, and missed family activities.
Janet Van Vliet nee Godin    Class of '73
I played in the military for a short time after high school, but then got  married and raised three girls instead of continuing with the music.  I became a bookkeeper to support the kids because the marriage didn't work.  
After they were grown, went back to school and got my Bachelor's in Family and Human Development with a minor in Psychology.  Currently getting a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary here in Phoenix. 
Now I have three grandchildren to keep me busy between classes and a future to plan as a Chaplain in two more years.